Spoken Word Poems

Spoken Word Poems

31Spoken word poems are an important part of any education system. These poems are often used to familiarize students with the way various phrases, words and terms can be used in the English language. The rhymes enrich the poem and gives character to it while repetition of words, phrases and stanzas help create an impact upon the student. Spoken word poems are very basic. However, the word play involved in such poetry shows the student how certain words and phrases can be changed or manipulated to mean something other than what they seem to mean.

Memorization is the key to spoken word poetry. When a student is told to memorize spoken word poems his ability to memorize is tested. He is able to hone his skills and remember facts, figures and such like. This would prove to be beneficial because as he grows older he would be able to teach himself to learn facts and figures that are important and to filter out the unimportant facts and figures too.

Expressions, involved in spoken word poems, teach the student what certain words mean. For example, when the word happy comes in such a poem the student is to smile. This helps the student understand what the word means and how to express himself too. The student learns to express his emotions and feelings because of this.

Enunciation is another important of spoken word poems. Students are trained to say or enunciate words the way they are meant to be said or enunciated. A student who is not taught to enunciate wouldn’t be able to pronounce words properly and this would be disadvantageous to the student too. For example, if a person does not know how to pronounce particular words, others might not take him seriously. Communicating with others and self-expression becomes difficult. Where his professional life is concerned he wouldn’t be able to impress his interviewers and communication with his colleagues, family and friends would become difficult. Though he may be capable in many ways but his peers and family won’t take him seriously either and this could affect his confidence in himself as well.

So, these are just some examples of how spoken word poems are able to teach students a lot. Though such poems seem very simplistic and basic but they teach students more than we know. Word play, expression and enunciation are part of what such poems teach the students but what is more important is that these poems also teach a student how to express himself, how to communicate and these would benefit him or her in the long run. Spoken word poems also give students the confidence they need to communicate with one another, with their parents and with their parents as well.

When a student is expected to stand before an audience and to recite spoken word poems he also learns how to deliver to an audience. Hence, spoken word poems are an integral part of the education system. However basic these poems may seem they are very beneficial for students. These help students develop various skills that would benefit them in their professional and personal lives.